Las Vegas Urban League Helps Put Felons Back to Work
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Published: Sat. Jul 9, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Updated: Sat. Jul 9, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Comments: 0

Nationally, more than 40 percent of those released from prison go back there within three years. The number in Nevada is just over 22 percent.
Greg Salcido, 32, is one of those former inmates originally from California. But he decided to stay in Las Vegas upon his release from prison in October. Salcido, who spent 15 months behind bars after police discovered him in a stolen vehicle, is trying to rebuild his life here and come out on the good side of statistics. He has managed to find work as a server at a wedding chapel, with help from the nonprofit Las Vegas Urban League's Re-Entry of Ex-Offenders program.
The program provides intensive case management, job skills training, mentoring and other services. It is one of Nevada's dozens of nonprofit or faith-based re-entry programs for ex-offenders that Glover said are crucial to helping former inmates succeed on the outside.
"It's very difficult in this economy," said Anthony Scillia, program manager for the Urban League's ex-offender program. "It's very difficult when you have someone who has been locked up most of his life, doesn't have an education, and has no work history."
Program staffers, who have connections with local businesses willing to offer ex-inmates a second chance, help participants with vocational training, resumes and anything else they might need to succeed.
The program has more than 260 participants and a 75 percent retention rate.
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