Voices from the Community on Child Welfare Finance Reform
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Published: Fri. Feb 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Updated: Fri. Feb 24, 2012 at 3:23 pm | Comments: 0

National Urban League Report

Community Input on Child Finance Welfare Reform

In 2011, the National Urban League and Casey Family Programs partnered to bring together leaders from Urban League affiliates in Houston (TX), San Diego (CA) and Detroit (MI), in conjunction with their respective state and local child welfare stakeholders and local communities, through community convenings in each of these affiliate cities to address the issue of child welfare finance reform. The purpose of these convenings was to share information, educate the community on child welfare finance reform, and obtain firsthand the valuable perspectives and recommendations of local community based organizations, local officials, and especially from individuals who came into contact with their local child welfare system such as parents, foster care alumni, and kinship care providers. It was felt that these conversations on issues and concerns in the community relative to children in the foster care system  were necessary to effectively serve our children and families.  As we moved forward with the convenings the focus on preventative services became paramount if we are to alleviate many of our children, particularly the disproportionate number of African American children, from ever entering the child welfare system.
These convenings built upon the prior work between CFP and NUL to provide an opportunity to mobilize local support for children, their families, and an expanded range of community-based, prevention services relative to children in the various stages of the child welfare system. The results of the three convenings are documented in the attached final report, Voices From The Community, An Urgent Call to Reform How Our Nation Finances Child Welfare Services and Address Overrepresentation of African American Children in Foster Care, Findings from Community Convenings in Houston (TX) – San Diego (CA) – Detroit (MI).
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