Meeting on Retail Profiling

Latraviette Smith

National Urban League Statement re: Meeting on Retail Profiling:

Earlier today, Marc H. Morial - President and CEO of the National Urban League, Rev.

Redeem the Dream: The National Urban League in 2013

Watch highlights from 2013 and the National Urban League’s continuing mission to Empower Communities and Change Lives.  Voiced this year by none other than Hip Hop pioneer, MC Lyte, the video showcases the commemoration of the March On Washington, the Redeem the Dream Summit, the 2013 National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia, the 2013 State of Black America report and webseries, and the 21st Century Agenda for Jobs and Freedom, as we celebrated Marc Morial’s 10th year at the helm of the National Urban League and continued our work in education, health, housing, a


Read the 2012-2013 State of BEEP Report Online

This year, 405 BEEP classroom visits impacted almost 18,000 students.

ReMARCs: It's Time to Shut Down the Shutdown

The United States government officially - and avoidably - shut down on Tuesday. With government agencies and organizations that provide critical direct services to millions of Americans still reeling from the detrimental effects of the sequester, every minute, every hour, and every day that pass in the shutdown increase the negative consequences for communities across our nation.

New Report on Effects of 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, National Urban League, VoteVets Release Report Showing 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Have Increased Homicides and Complicated Prosecutions

Analysis Finds Sharp Jump in Homicides – Justifiable and Overall – After Passage of NRA-Endorsed Legislation in Many States, With African Americans Affected Most

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on September 17th
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Statement on NAACP President Benjamin Jealous

Co-Organizers of the African-American Leaders Convening

Statement on NAACP President Benjamin Jealous by the co-organizers of the African-American Leaders Convening

Marc H. Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League
Melanie Campbell, President and CEO, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
Rev. Al Sharpton, Founder & President, National Action Network