How is the Urban League engaging youth in their communities?

Youth Leadership Summit

Now in its 22nd year, The National Urban League Youth Leadership Summit engages high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from across the country and, over four days, immerses them in a unique educational and developmental experience. The Summit exposes youth to national leaders, college campuses and career opportunities, as well as facilities the development of skills needed for success in college.

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Youth Photo Empowerment Contest

The Photo Empowerment Contest challenges you to apply your creative and artistic skills using photography.  We bet many of you may not even know you have skills behind the lens!  Well now is your chance to discover your hidden talents -this contest will  allow you to see your world and community in a whole new light!

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Urban Youth Empowerment Program

The Urban Youth Empowerment Program (UYEP) – a Signature Program of the National Urban League (NUL) – started as an innovative demonstration to provides work readiness preparation, internships and on-the-job training to youth ages 16-24 who are not in school and are seen as “at-risk.” The goal of UYEP is to reduce the risks that these young people face, such as long-term unemployment and incarceration.

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Youth Programs

Project Ready

Read and Rise

Digital Connectors

Youth Initiatives

Protect Job Training Programs from Devastating Budget Cuts

Urban League Supports Broadband Technology Opportunities Program


Equity and Excellence Project



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