ESL Programs

There are many barriers to professional success. One of the biggest is lack of education. If you need to get a GED or enroll in an ESL class, here are some things to think about when looking for programs that will help you learn to read and speak English, or get a GED.

ESL students in a classroom


Many programs are free. If there are fees involved with the program you want, make sure you compare that program with other programs. You may be able to get the same education for free.


Can you get to this program easily and quickly? If not, you might want to find something closer.


Does the school offer support services like child care? If not, ask for referrals to places with those services.


Are your needs being met? For example, some schools only have beginner classes. That won’t help you if you need more advanced classes. Will the school help you determine what level class you need?

Moving Forward

When you’re finished taking basic classes, will the school help you get into more advanced classes? Taking ABE, ESL, or GED classes are positive first steps. You’ll probably need more education after doing these things.

For more information, you can call the GED hotline at or ask for the GED contact for your state



You can even start by taking Free online ESL Classes.

The time is now. Get empowered to change your life. Use the resources mentioned above, get involved in a local NUL program and TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW!