Going Green

NUL has made a commitment to help communities of color prepare for the new “green economy” by helping to establish a private equity fund to grow green jobs, advocating for policy changes, and providing meaningful assistance to small businesses.

Recognizing that small businesses are major employers of the minority workforce, the following actions can be taken to assist small business owners in accessing the green economy:

  • Assist small businesses in accessing capital through SBA loans, grants, venture capital collaboratives, and more
  • Encourage small businesses to structure green businesses in empowerment zones
  • Help small businesses identify what additional training and business partnering is required to develop the right team in order to pursue green work proposals
  • Assist small businesses in securing the first wave of green initiatives involving retrofitting and weatherizing buildings
  • Assist minority entrepreneurs in developing long-term relationships with large companies in the green sector so they may gain access to green opportunities

As the green economy continues to evolve, so should the role of small businesses in urban communities. Learn how you can take advantage of green opportunities.

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