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Online Dating Safety

More and more people are turning to the Internet to find a soul mate. Looking for love online has become very easy and especially popular with an increase in dating and networking websites. Although love may only be one click away, it can also be dangerous. People are not always honest about who they are. Before you jump into the world of online dating read these 5 tips on staying safe.

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Don’t Get Too Personal Too Soon

You should never give someone your full name, phone number or address too soon. With that information, someone can steal your identity, gain access to your home, find out where you work, and more. In the wrong hands, personal information leaves you vulnerable for fraudulent activity and potential violence.

Create a dummy account

When you create an online profile, you should not use your work or primary email address. You should set up an email address specifically for your dating profiles that includes a fake username. In case things don’t work out with the people you meet, you don’t want them to be able to abuse your work or primary email accounts.

Get a recent photo

One of the reasons people like online dating is because they can create a personality for themselves that doesn’t always match who they really are. Some people put old pictures on their profile and even pictures of other people. Asking for a recent photo is a good idea for several reasons. You get to see the person you may be meeting up with in the future. And, if you meet up with someone that looks completely different than their picture, you know they lied and you should probably not pursue the relationship further.

Don’t give your home phone number

You should never give someone you meet online your home phone number. Either use your cell phone or a communication service like Skype.

Meet in a public place for your first meeting


Your first meeting should always be in a public place and you should provide your own transportation. This meeting is an opportunity to see who you’re really dealing with and give you a chance to determine if you want to continue a relationship with that person. If you’re ready to start meeting new people with similar interest, TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW!