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Repeal ‘Obamacare’: GOP will try at least


The campaign goal: “Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions!”  Join a community that is well informed on health issues in the news. See the links below and Get Empowered Now. Read more »

Next City For KNOW Hunger Initiative: Chicago

Tyson Foods And Chicago Urban League Announce Chicago As Next City For KNOW Hunger Initiative


Project Wellness Helps Julian Get Prenatal Care and Set Goals

Julian, 18 years old, was 8 weeks pregnant when she enrolled in Project Wellness. Julian did not have medical insurance or a medical provider when enrolled in the program. Urban League staff was able to work with the staff at the maternity shelter to ensure that she obtained Medicaid through assisting her with the application process and providing her with a list of prenatal doctors in her area.

Urban League Coaches Anisia through Birth and Life

Anisia B., 24 years old, participated in Project Wellness beginning in November 2015.  According to Anisia, “When I first heard of the Urban League, I did not know what to expect.  I honestly did not want to participate but it was a free service.  When I went to the first meeting, I met with my coach, Tashia, and I had a really good time.  When I had questions I did not hesitate to ask, and my coach would answer every questions I had,

Project Wellness Supports Pregnant Teens

Project Wellness Supports Pregnant Teens

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#DoingIt - Testing for HIV

Did you know that in people with HIV don’t know they have itThat’s why CDC recommends that everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 get tested <


World AIDS Day

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is held on the 1st December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day, held for the first time in 1988.
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Take Charge of Your Health Today. Be Informed. Be Involved….Get Covered America!

This month, the “Take Charge of Your Health Today” page focuses on health insurance and the importance of enrollment. Vianca Masucci, health advocate at the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, and Esther L. Bush, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), exchanged ideas on this topic.


Love's Healthy Start Festival in Hadley Park

In August 2015, Tyson Foods and the Urban League of Middle Tennessee served as the presenting sponsor of the Love's Healthy Start Festival in Hadley Park, where they reflected on the their two-year KNOW Hunger Nashville project.


SunSentinel: Jones Only 'Needed Helping Hand' from Officer

Corey Jones Police Shooting: Slain Man's Family Lawyer Says Jones Only 'Needed Helping Hand' from Officer

There may be relevant video footage in the Corey Jones police shooting that authorities haven't yet disclosed, according to the lawyer representing the slain man's family. Read more »