CDC/ACT Against AIDS Leadership Initiative

What is the Act Against AIDS Leadership Alliance?

Act Against AIDS Leadership Alliance (AAALI) is the federal government’s first HIV prevention media campaign in almost 20 years. The National Urban League was selected as one of only 20 AAALI agencies because of its depth, reach and media mobilization capacity.

Where is it?

Indianapolis Urban League

Columbus Urban League

Urban League of Union County

Urban League of Palm Beach

How big is it?

In the first few months of the campaign, AAALI has accomplished the following as a group:
• Sponsored more than 560 HIV related events and trainings, with participation from more than 324 AAALI chapters, attended by more than 80,000 people.
• Leveraged assets to secure at least 200,000 in donated advertising placements, reaching over 11 million individuals.

Who sponsors it?

Centers for Disease Control

Additional Resources:
Black AIDS Institute at 213- 353-3610 at 1-800-804-8845

National AIDS hotline at 1-800 342-AIDS (1- 800-342-2437)


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