Read and Rise

Every child’s success starts at home! Parents are the first teacher’s children know, which is why it’s important that parents feel empowered to get their children involved in early childhood education activities.Mother reading to her children

Weak literacy skills, shown by many urban youth, is a direct refection on their success in school, college and work. The Education and Youth Development (EYD) division of the Urban League focuses on reading comprehension because it has been proven that high achievement depends on the ability to master reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking, both critically and completely.

The Read and Rise program was developed to support this effort after studies reported that two-thirds of African American children read at or below grade level.

Read and Rise is a unique program that mobilizes parents to take control of their child’s success and become promoters of early childhood literacy through materials like how-to-guides, magazines, and workshops.


By taking control of your child’s education, you empower them to be successful in the future and support life long learning and positive achievement in schools.

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