Fourth Annual Spring Break College Tour

Dear Houston Area Urban League,

I am Kareem Collins, Lead Education Coordinator for the Urban League of Kansas in Wichita.  I am writing to thank you all for the love and reception you all provided for on our 4th Annual Spring Break College Tour.  We are especially grateful for Mr. Will Norwood and the others from the HAU League family that went far and beyond to make us feel at home (forgive me for not naming all, I couldn’t find staff names on the web site).  The students truly enjoyed the ice breaker(s) including the stepping, them teaching us a little Houston Swag and learning about both the League and the high school.  I personally think the arrangement to host us at school was ideal and really gave our students an insight to what being a student in a Houston school was really about.
Beyond just hosting us, we also enjoyed the speakers whom took time out of their day to encourage us with stories of their own personal successes and roads they’ve taken to get there.  The first young man was particularly an encouragement and motivation for me to pursue a passion of having my own non-profit community organization.  As well, we enjoyed the radio personality gentleman and the lady who represents your cities parks and recreations.  But not to be left out, we must say that the chicken was right on time and prepared us for our visit and tour of TSU, which I must again thank the Urban League staff for making that happen for us when I had trouble getting us a shot.  Ms. Ronica Carmouche at TSU welcomed us and I will be forwarding my thanks to her also.
We are so grateful for UL networking opportunities that have enabled us to assemble with so many people.  Sometimes we get discouraged in local attempts to change the world but, to know that there is a world full of locals after the same mission, gives new light and energy to what we do.  Once again “Will”, good looking out; and thank you Houston Area Urban League for being a part in making the Urban League of Kansas 2012 Spring Break College Tour a success.  See ya’ll all in New Orleans.

Kareem O. Collins
The Urban League of Kansas
2418 E. 9th St. N.
Wichita, KS 67214